Long Band | May 2019 | Barre Now by Barre Intensity
Intense Shape. Intense You.

5/16/19: STEPHANIE

This long band class can be taught with mounted or portable barres. You may notice shorter reps in each series and that's intentional because the band is intense! If you're looking for longer mat series, this class is for you with side lying for the inner thighs, a bit of a Pilates focus abdominal series and a bridge finisher. You'll need a little more time through some of the transitions to set the long band in place but good news is there are a few minutes wiggle room in the choreography to account for that.

We used the black TheraBand cut to 7 feet in length. If you have shorter bands those should work as long as they are lighter than black in resistance. As always, try the exercises out with your props first before teaching.