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I own a studio, The Yoga Barre, in Gulfport, MS. Barre Now is an invaluable resource for myself and my instructors. The content NEVER disappoints, and we are so excited when new class choreography is released! Absolutely every detail is covered – alignment, cuing, modifications, proper prop usage, quick choreo review, printable pdf of the class and a playlist. Our clients love the choreography variety we are able to provide. I am thankful for Barre Now.

Sandi Anderson,
Owner Yoga Barre

I have utilized Barre Now for almost every class I have taught since I started instructing. I use it to find new moves, music, whole classes, ideas for modifications, choreography, and to see how to incorporate different props in my class. I get feedback from my clients about “feeling the burn” in the muscle we are focused on and they usually let me know at the next class how sore they were! Barre Now has been an amazing resource for me.

Kara Robinson,
Barre Intructor

I am LOVING Barre Intensity! I absolutely love how challenging the practice is, but my favorite thing is how easy it is to modify the work. I cannot live without the Barre Now classes. I get excited when a new class becomes available and I teach it as quickly as I can. Stephanie and Elyssa are so amazing and different which makes the dynamic perfect. As a busy fitness instructor, I greatly appreciate the resources Barre Now has to offer.

Suzanne Schwartz,
Barre Intstructor