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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my monthly membership? A monthly membership grants you

access to all of our Classes & Clips on Barre Now. A new class is uploaded every 2-3

weeks and we never remove content. All courses in our Certifications &

Workshops category are separate purchases. 

Do you offer different themes/types of classes on Barre Now? Yes. You can search

by author/instructor, prop (ball, band, yoga block and more), theme (barreless, cardio,

hip hop and more) and type (short clips or full-length classes).

I want to participate in an online certification or workshop. Do I have to become a

monthly member as well? No, you do not. Access to all of the full-length classes

requires a monthly membership in addition to your purchase of a certification or a

workshop. We do include a few select workshops for free to those who have

participated in either a Comprehensive or Essentials training online or in person.

How do I cancel my membership?  You can cancel your membership at

any time. When you log in click on the “manage subscription” option located next to “sign

out”. Under “billing”, select “change plan” located under your active membership type.

Select “cancel membership”. You will still have access to your content through the end

of your billing cycle and your membership will not renew.

How do I update my credit card information? Once logged in, click on the “manage

subscription” option located next to “sign out”. Under “billing”, select “use another card”.

Once you have added a new card, select “remove card” under the card you’d like to


What are your membership pricing options?

  • 3-Day Class Rental $4.99/class
  • Month to Month $9.99/month
  • Annual Membership $89.99/year
  • Group Access $149.99/year

What is Group Access on Barre Now? With our Group Access option, you can have

an unlimited amount of participants logged in and viewing content without interrupting

another's session. 

How long do I have access to my content? You will have access to all of the full-

length classes on Barre Now for as long as you have an active membership. Class

rentals will remain active for 3 days from the purchase date. Our certifications and

workshops will remain active for life.

Do I need to be a Barre Intensity trainee to participate in your online content? No,

you do not. As a trainee, you will be granted access to our free post-training tools for life.

This access is sent to you within 24-48 hours after completion of your live training and

immediately at the time of purchase of your online training.

Can I download content from Barre Now? Yes. Through the Barre Now app for

androids and smart phones you can download any content, you have access to onto

your mobile device.

Do you have a mobile app to access content? Yes. You can download the Barre

Now app via Google Play or via the Apple Store.