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Long Band Choreography


Join us for our Barre Intensity long band choreography workshop where we share with you 44 short choreography series broken up into six main categories (Upper Body, Plank, Thighs, Glutes, Abdominals, Stretches) using the long band. These series were designed with barre fitness in mind; however, many of our videos do not utilize the barre. This means our workshop can apply to just about any group fitness instructor or personal trainer.

In addition, we’ve included three full length Barre Intensity classes utilizing the long band. 

Once purchased, take the opportunity to download the "Long Band Workshop Handout" so you have an organized place to take notes. 

These videos feature the TheraBand bands. We chose a "heavy" resistance and cut our bands to 7 feet in length. Heavy resistance is preferred so the bands don't stick to themselves, and because we cut the band to a longer length, we're able to utilize in a wide variety of choreography options


Elyssa is a motivated instructor who thrives on pushing her clients to reach their goals by bringing a fresh enthusiastic approach to every class and session she leads. Most importantly, she knows the greatest gift she can give is an awareness that leads to mind and body alignment while building a strong, healthy body. She has a passion for fitness and loves the satisfaction of knowing her clients feel great after they leave.