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Choreography Transition Tactics

Welcome to this Barre Intensity Choreography Transition Tactics Workshop presented by Barre Intensity Lead Master Trainer, Elyssa Sardy. In this online workshop we're sharing our five most successful choreography transition tactics to get you seamlessly moving from one piece of choreography to the next. 

After working with thousands of barre instructors and trainees across the world, one the biggest pieces of feedback we share is "work on your transitions". We realize "working on transitions" is a lot easier said than done which is why we created this workshop that describes in detail our five most successful choreography transition tactics. 

Five Choreography Transition Tactics Covered:

  • Pull Apart/Piece Together
  • Start Off Slow
  • Use a Filler
  • Sandwich Your Moves
  • End Where You Want To Go 

    Each tactic is accompanied by a definition along with 2-3 choreography examples on a good way to transition and a more active way. Workshop handout for note taking also included. 

    All Barre Intensity Trainees receive this workshop as a part of their training fee.

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    Elyssa is a motivated instructor who thrives on pushing her clients to reach their goals by bringing a fresh enthusiastic approach to every class and session she leads. Most importantly, she knows the greatest gift she can give is an awareness that leads to mind and body alignment while building a strong, healthy body. She has a passion for fitness and loves the satisfaction of knowing her clients feel great after they leave.