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Ball Choreography

Join us for our Barre Intensity ball choreography workshop where we will share with you 17 short choreography series using the small fitness ball. These series were designed with barre fitness in mind; however, only the four videos in the Thighs section incorporate the barre. This means our workshop can apply to just about any group fitness instructor or personal trainer.

In addition, we’ve included our Ball Master Class. 55 minutes of a recorded class using the ball 100% of the time. What’s even better? The choreography used in the class is different than the 17 short choreography series.

Take the opportunity to print both the “Ball Workshop Choreography” and “Ball Class Choreography” PDFs. You’ll find useful to take notes on while viewing the content.

This video features the FitBALL® Mini Ball 9” in blue but there are many product options.


Stephanie Lyons is the President and Lead Master Trainer of Barre Intensity. Prior to her career in the fitness industry, Stephanie spent 9 years in the digital advertising space as a Project Manager and Account Director working for HelloWorld, previously known as ePrize. Although she is relatively new to the fitness world, Stephanie is no stranger to the art of movement. Combining her years as a dance student at Noretta Dunworth School of Dance, Captain of the Michigan State Dance Team, member of the Detroit Pistons Dance Team - Automotion, Ignition, and The Detroit Dolls, Stephanie has 20 years of dance experience.